Mild at Heart bunting

Mild at Heart bunting

$28.00 USD

This world is wild at heart and weird on top!  Is it?  Does your idea of a wild night consist of warm milk and cookies?  Are you tired of sex, bored of drugs, and just completely sick of having fun?  Baby, you were born to be mild, and don't let anyone bring you down.  Maybe, mild thing, tonight you will cut loose and crack the spine on a new book.  Is your idea of a hot date also known as the cutest cat in the world? If so, then go paint the town red with this adorable peach-coloured bunting, you mild card.

This bunting is made to order and hand-embroidered. Please allow 10 days production time before we send it your way! This item is not eligible for express shipping

Felt.  Handmade and embroidered in Toronto, Canada by yours truly.

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